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Which identifies cougar features and means solution creatures which is even more most likely trailing “cougar” sightings inside Alabama

Which identifies cougar features and means solution creatures which is even more most likely trailing “cougar” sightings inside Alabama

Though there is actually records of sightings beyond your cougar’s current known diversity, scarcely is actually for example sightings proven

  • Published from the: Jesse Boulerice, Draw D. Smith, Stephen S. Ditchkoff
  • into the Forestry & WildlifePrint

Provided are techniques for deciding if an effective cougar in the great outdoors or a photograph is a genuine sighting out-of a crazy “Alabama cougar.”

The brand new nuts cougar are believed extinct eastern of your own Mississippi Lake, with the exception of a tiny safe populace from inside the southwest Florida, there hasn’t been a confirmed cougar sighting into the Alabama to own 50 years

Along the east All of us, you can find frequent account off cougar sightings during the areas where the brand new huge cat is thought to help you not any longer exists. Alabama isn’t any different, and you will creatures officials frequently receive phone calls and you can elizabeth-mails regarding the cougars present in the state. But not, there has perhaps not started a professional, confirmed sighting for the Alabama inside the more 50 years. Could there be very a population of them large kittens wandering the newest wilderness of Alabama, or perhaps is almost everything merely a misconception?

Cougar, panther, Florida panther, puma, slope lion, North american country lion, lion, catamount, king cat, deer pet, slope demon, hill screamer, and you will painter are some of the brands popular to mention into the same creature (medical term Puma concolor). This larger pet ‘s the 2nd-biggest felid into the America, consider regarding 65 to 265 weight (getting investigations, the common German shepherd weighs in at 75 weight). The exact distance away from go to rump regarding mature cougars are anywhere between step 3 and 5 ft, which have an additional 2 to 3 . base out-of tail. Off feet so you can shoulder, the latest cougar really stands everything 2 . feet-on mid-thigh with the mediocre adult guy. Brand new mature cougar are sandy brownish in order to tawny grey having an effective whitish stomach. Cougars don’t have spots otherwise band. Your head is relatively quick with small, round ears, and end is much time, thicker, and often stops that have a black colored idea.

The fresh new cougar after roamed all over the west hemisphere away from the top of reaches of Canada’s boreal forest, regarding United states, and all sorts of the way to their southern limitations from the suggestion out-of South america. Death of compatible environment coupled with years out-of unregulated query and you will capturing and elimination apps has notably shorter this new cougar’s diversity. Today, new cat’s assortment inside Us is restricted to help you nations inside the Rugged Slopes of the West. The fresh pet are facebook dating thought getting extinct eastern of your Mississippi River, except for a little safe inhabitants regarding significant southwestern piece away from Florida (the newest Fl panther). Those who try affirmed constantly are put out otherwise fled somebody in past times kept just like the pet or perhaps in zoos.

The latest nearest recognized cougar communities to Alabama are present in west Tx and you will southwest Fl. Distributing crazy cougars had been identified as close due to the fact Louisiana and you will Arkansas, but none was indeed sighted eastern of Mississippi outside of Florida. The very last verified cougar from inside the Alabama was murdered within the 1956 from inside the Tuscaloosa County. Subsequently, Alabama wildlife authorities haven’t been able to confirm any of brand new repeated records out-of cougar sightings. Since recently given that 2008, an excellent cougar is sample because of the a seeker within the Georgia, and you will through to then analysis, the latest pet try calculated becoming an effective descendant on small southwest Florida population. While most anybody hate to help you admit it, new Alabama cougar is probably much more a misconception than possible.

If all of these accounts regarding cougars inside Alabama are not extremely cougars, upcoming exactly what are it? Many of the sightings come from people who are unfamiliar with cougars, specifically since they are not likely to have seen one in new crazy just before. Usually, other pet are misidentified once the cougars. Bobcats occur in huge number while in the Alabama together with southeastern Joined Claims. A great bobcat (Lynx rufus) try an alternate types than simply a cougar; it’s far less, weighing between fifteen and you may 35 pounds and also a primary 4- to eight-inches end and you may watched layer. Because these dogs usually avoid humans, it can be hard to tell the difference between cougars and you can bobcats throughout the brief glance a man gets. Feral cats, residential pets you to definitely today run wild, can be at fault at the rear of of a lot stated cougar sightings. An effective uniform brownish feral pet seems much like the cougar, except it’s far shorter. Indeed, of a lot images and you will clips of heading cougar sightings on the Websites turn into feral kittens (while the measurements of the pet is


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